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Manhattan Audiologist and Hearing Care

Serving Manhattan Since 1997

The office of Resnick Audiology, located in the heart of New York City, is able to provide you with all of your hearing needs. Hearing is a sense that connects us to the beautiful things in the world around us, and losing it can be a difficult challenge for you and for your family. Resnick Audiology understands these challenges and has the experience to walk you through them and improve your hearing. We care about your quality of life and when you come to the office of Resnick Audiology, we aim to provide you with a positive experience. Call 212-752-3373 to make an appointment today.

Resnick Audiology offers the following services:

Our personalized services are designed to meet your needs and help you hear again. The office also offers specialized products including all top brands of hearing aids and other listening devices. If you are searching for a Manhattan audiologist to improve your hearing, Resnick Audiology has the top quality services and products you need.

The Top 5 Things that Set Us Apart

1. Competence: Dr. Resnick has over 20 years of experience as an Audiologist and is widely regarded by his peers as an expert in hearing aids and other audiology services. Dr. Thompson, who joined the practice in 2017, was trained by Dr. Resnick and carries on the practice tradition of empathy, professionalism, and expertise in hearing care.

2. Caring: We understand that when it comes to hearing care, a successful experience depends not just on what the professional knows but how he implements that knowledge. We take the time to listen, and treat every patient as if they were a member of our own family.

3. Convenience: Our office is located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, close to numerous subway and bus lines. We always strive to accommodate our patients’ needs when it comes to scheduling appointments.

4. Staff: Our office staff is always helpful, friendly and courteous. We strive to make your experience here a positive one in every way.

5. Lyric: Resnick Audiology is one of the top providers in the New York area of the Lyric extended-wear hearing device. We have worked with Lyric since 2009 and have earned the designation of Premier Elite Provider, the highest level of certification available. Dr. Resnick earned a Lyric Partner of the Year award in 2017.

Experience and Passion

Dr. Resnick has been a licensed audiologist and product provider since 1997 and is known by his peers as an expert in audiology. Never content with the status quo, Dr. Resnick is ever expanding his base of knowledge and finding more ways to help people just like you to hear better. Dr. Resnick can provide helpful advice about hearing loss, because audiology isn’t just his profession, it’s also his passion. As a musician, he highly values the ability to experience the world through sound.

If you have suffered hearing loss or need any audiology services, contact Resnick Audiology today at 212-752-3373 and see how your needs can be taken care of.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 15 Years of Audiology Experience
  • Listening and Treating Every Patient Like Family
  • Conveniently Located in Midtown Manhattan
  • Helpful, Friendly and Courteous Staff
  • A Premier Elite Provider of Lyric